Trix / Minitrix Fall New Items 2023

Straight into the fall with Trix. Fascinating models in H0 and N scale await you. We have prepared the novelties for you on this page according to gauge. With the memo function you can put individual models on your wish list and later print them out as a compendium as a complete PDF file. Contact your specialist dealer and reserve the models you want for 2023. We hope you enjoy discovering the Trix and Minitrix Fall New Items 2023.

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Trix H0

Swapping wheelsets is extremely easy: Turn the car upside down, press one axle bearing out a little on one side, and pull the axle up at the wheel on the other side. The axle will come loose from its needlepoint bearing and it can be removed. Go in reverse order to install the new wheelset: Set one axle point in a wheel bearing, build up a little pressure with the axle against the bearing, and then push the other end of the axle with a „click“ into its position in the second axle bearing. When you do this a couple times, it goes so easily that you don‘t want to do without anymore.

48423   H0 Christmas Car for 2023 ⇒ Use the DC wheelset E700580 for the exchange
47463   SBB Cargo Container Flat Car Set ⇒ Use the DC wheelset E700580 for the exchange
46663   Type Laabs Container Transport Car ⇒ Use the DC wheelset E700580 for the exchange
48834   DSB Freight Car Set ⇒ Use the DC wheelset E700580, E700630 for the exchange
48553   PANTONE Color of the Year 2023 Car ⇒ Use the DC wheelset E700580 for the exchange

Naturally, our specialty dealers will be happy to help you. If you buy your car from them, they will be happy to exchange the wheelsets for the right system regardless of whether Märklin or Trix is on the box. The best thing to do is ask the dealer of your choice the next time you buy a car.


Fall New Items 2023

Here you can download the Trix H0 and Minitrix autumn novelties brochures 2023.

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