Gauge Minitrix - Article No. 15784

Express Train Baggage Car.

Prototype: German State Railroad Company (DRG) type SPw4ü-28 "Rheingold" baggage car.

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Express Train Baggage Car.
Express Train Baggage Car.

Most Important Facts

Article No. 15784
Gauge / Design type Minitrix /
Era II
Kind Passenger Cars
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  • Product description

    Model: Era II. The car has a close coupler mechanism.
    Length over the buffers 122 mm / 4-13/16".

    New production run.

  • Publications

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  • Prototype information

    In the late 1920s, the Rheingold cars were considered very special both in terms of interior comfort and exterior appearance. The elegant violet-ivory exterior finish emphasized the special quality of this deluxe train. Originally, only the round emblem of the German State Railroad was present in the area beneath the window line next to the classification number and the direction signs. Later, the name "Rheingold" was applied in the form of brass lettering in relief in two locations on each side of the car in this area. The German State Railroad had a total of 29 Rheingold cars, including 9 1st class cars, 17 2nd class cars and 3 baggage cars. In the train, one salon car with a kitchen was combined with another salon car of the same class without a kitchen, so that the one kitchen provided food and beverages for both cars. The passengers were served at their seats, all of which were equipped with tables. The standard consist of 4 salon cars was adapted to day-to-day requirements with additional cars. Additional pairs of cars were made available at least during peak travel times. In 1934, a small galley was installed in 3 additional type SB 4ü-28 cars (with no galley), in order to provide catering service also in individual 2nd class cars in the train.


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