Avmz 107 Bpmz 293.2 Bpmz 293.2 Bvmz 185.0 WRmz 135 DB | Gauge Minitrix - Article No. 15866

Display with 20 Passenger Cars for the Train "FD Königssee".

Prototype: Different types of German Federal Railroad (DB) express train passenger cars used for the "FD Königssee" long distance express train. Type Avmz 107 compartment car, 1st class, type Bpmz 293.2 open seating car, 2nd class, type Bpmz 293.2 "Kinderland" open seating car, 2nd class, type Bvmz 185.0 compartment / open seating car, 2nd class, and type WRmz 135 dining car.

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Display with 20 Passenger Cars for the Train "FD Königssee".
Display with 20 Passenger Cars for the Train "FD Königssee".

Most Important Facts

Article No. 15866
Gauge / Design type Minitrix /
Era IV
Kind Passenger Car Sets
Article not produced anymore.
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  • Product description

    Model: The cars have close coupler mechanisms. The contents of the display can be used to make up 2 trains, each with 10 cars and a total length each of 1,654 mm / 65-1/8". All of the cars have different car numbers and come individually packaged and marked: 15866-01 Bpmz 293.2, 15866-02 Bpmz 293.2, 15866-03 Bpmz 293.2, 15866-04 Bvmz 185.0, 15866-05 Avmz 107, 15866-06 WRmz 135, 15866-07 Bpmz 293.2 „Kinderland“, 15866-08 Avmz 107, 15866-09 Bpmz 293.2, 15866-10 Bpmz 293.2, 15866-11 Bpmz 293.2, 15866-12 Bpmz 293.2, 15866-13 Bpmz 293.2, 15866-14 Bvmz 185.0, 15866-15 Avmz 107, 15866-16 WRmz 135, 15866-17 Bpmz 293.2 "Kinderland", 15866-18 Avmz 107, 15866-19 Bpmz 293.2, 15866-20 Bpmz 293.2.

    66656 Lighting kit.

    One-time series.

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  • Prototype information

    FD-Königssee In 1983, the German Federal Railroad introduced a new product: the long distance express or "Fern-Express" (FD), which was used most of all to link Hamburg and the Rhein-Ruhr metropolitan area with vacation destinations in Southern Germany. The rolling stock consisted of older 1st and 2nd class cars withdrawn from IC service as well as a former "Quick-Pick" dining car. The "Königssee" FD 780/781 pair of trains for Hamburg – Berchtesgaden also ran an additional car with a large children's area, which was identified externally with color letters as a car for children. Since the "Königssee" was run from 1988 on over the new construction routes with their many tunnels, the rolling stock had to be modified accordingly, i.e. comfortable airtight cars were used. Since this train ran without the IC surcharge and also represented the fastest connection from North to South, it was accepted by more than just vacation travelers and was very busy. The "Königssee" ran in a paint scheme similar to that for the Interregio trains; only the dining car stuck out from the blue/white train composition, which did not harm the elegance of the train. Interest in FD trains fell due to the expansion of the IC network and especially due to ICE service from 1991 on and the FD service was halted at the start of the Nineties. The elegant cars of the "Königssee" were put back into normal IC service and were gradually repainted in "Chinese red".


ATTENTION: not for children under 3 years