BR 290 DB | Gauge Trix H0 - Article No. 22206

Diesel Locomotive.

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) class 290 heavy switch engine. Era IV version in old crimson red. Former class V 90. B-B wheel arrangement. Use: Switching work, hump yard work, short freight service runs.

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Diesel Locomotive.
Diesel Locomotive.

Most Important Facts

Article No. 22206
Gauge / Design type Trix H0 /
Era IV
Kind Diesel Locomotives
Article not produced anymore.
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  • Centrally mounted, powerful can motor with a bell-shaped armature.
  • All axles powered.
  • 21-pin connector.
  • Maintenance-free LED's for headlights / marker lights.
  • Product description

    Model: Era IV. The locomotive's frame and main part of the body are die-cast metal. The locomotive has a 21-pin digital connector. The locomotive has a centrally mounted, powerful can motor with a bell-shaped armature. 4 axles powered. 2 traction tires. The triple headlights and dual red marker lights change over with the direction of travel, are maintenance-free LEDs and will work in conventional operation. After a 66839 decoder has been installed the headlights and marker lights can be controlled directly. Interior of the engineer's cab is reproduced in relief. Separately applied metal grab irons and hand rails. Additional steps included. NEM coupler pockets.
    Length over the buffers 164 mm / 6-7/16".

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  • Prototype information

    Angular Load Hauler - The V 100 was too light for heavy switching work. For that reason the German Federal Railroad placed an order for a new type of locomotive with the firm Maschinenbau Kiel (MaK). The V 90 -designated the class 290 starting in 1968 - was supposed to be closely modeled on the successful V 100 general-purpose locomotive. This relationship was less apparent externally; the V 90 was considerably more angular than the V 100. However, inside the German Federal Railroad had proven components installed, such as the diesel prime mover used in the V 100/20 (212) and a very similar cardan shaft drive. On August 4, 1968 the German Federal Railroad took delivery of road number V 90 001. Twenty 20 pre-production locomotives demonstrated the quality of the design in hard daily switching work. The regular production version had only slight design changes. By 1974 the German Federal Railroad had taken delivery of a total of 387 regular production units from MaK, Deutz, and Henschel. Purchases of the class 290 came to an end because a more powerful version was ready, in the form of the 291. These locomotives are still in service for switching work at all larger switch yards as well as in freight transfer service. However, the class designation has changed for these units. After the installation of radio remote control the, DB gave them the current class designation of 294.


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