Prototype: Danish State Railways (DSB) class MV diesel locomotive. NOHAB general-purpose locomotive in the black and red paint scheme of Era IV. Road number 1102. The locomotive looks as it did in 1983.

Class MV Diesel Locomotive
Class MV Diesel Locomotive

Most Important Facts

Article No. 22677
Gauge / Design type Trix H0 /
Era IV
Kind Diesel Locomotives
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  • Product

    Model: The locomotive has a digital decoder and extensive sound functions. It also has controlled high-efficiency propulsion, centrally mounted. 4 axles powered by means of cardan shafts. Traction tires. The triple headlights and dual red marker lights change over with the direction of travel, will work in conventional operation, and can be controlled digitally. The headlights at Locomotive End 2 and 1 can be turned off separately in digital operation. The cab lighting can be turned off separately in digital operation at Locomotive End 1 and 2. The switching lights can be controlled. The blinking lights on the sides of the locomotive can be used to signal a train is ready to depart. The blinking lights can be controlled digitally on the left and right. Maintenance-free, warm white, red, and orange LEDs are used for the lighting. The locomotive has separately applied metal grab irons. The engineer's cabs and the engine room have interior details in relief.
    Length over the buffers 21.7 cm / 8-1/2".

  • Highlights

    • First time with alternating blinking lights to signal a train is ready to depart.
    Class MV Diesel Locomotive
  • Product info

    Product info

    This model can be found in an AC version in the Märklin H0 assortment under item number 39685.


    - New items brochure H0 2020
  • Features

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  • Digital Functions

    Diesel locomotive op. sounds
    Light Function
    Direct control
    Light Function
    Rear Headlights off
    Front Headlights off
    Sound of squealing brakes off
    Engineer’s cab lighting
    Blower motors
    Conductor's Whistle
    Letting off Air
    Switching maneuver
    "Switcher Double ""A"" Light"
    Station Announcements
    Operating sounds
    Coupler sounds
    Grade crossing
    Replenishing fuel


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