New Item Gauge Trix H0 - Article No. 24903

Union Pacific Hopper Car Set

Prototype: Six coal transport cars, so-called hopper cars, painted and lettered for the Union Pacific Railroad (UP). Version with five unloading hatches on the car body. The cars look as they currently do in real life.

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Union Pacific Hopper Car Set
Union Pacific Hopper Car Set

Most Important Facts

Article No. 24903
Gauge / Design type Trix H0 /
Era VI
Kind Freight Car Sets
269,00 € RRP, incl. Tax
planned delivery: 4th quarter 2023 Find Dealer


  • Completely new tooling.
  • All the cars include load inserts of coal.
  • Operation with knuckle couplers and normal close couplers is possible.
  • Ideal for unit trains.
  • All the cars are individually packaged and there is a master package.
  • Product description

    Model: These cars are completely new tooling and feature detailed construction with different car numbers. The trucks are detailed and include special wheelsets. All the cars have hand wheels on the ends and load inserts with real scale-sized coal. The NEM pockets can be fixed in place with shims for operation with knuckle couplers. These shims are included with this set. All the cars are individually packaged and there is a master package. Length over the couplers per car approximately 19 cm / 7-1/2". AC wheelset E320551 (NEM), E320389 (RP25).

    Products bearing "Union Pacific" are made under trademark license from the Union Pacific Railroad Company.

    An add-on hopper car set with twelve more cars with other car numbers can be found in the Märklin H0 assortment under item number 45665 with information about the necessary exchange wheelsets. The class ES44AC motive power to go with this car set can be found under item numbers 25440 and 25441.

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    - New items brochure H0 2023


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