Gauge Express - Article No. 33966

Trix Club Anniversary Car for Trix Express

Prototype: Pair of type KK 15 gondolas with hinged hatches, permanently coupled together, used as a railroad maintenance vehicle. Painted and lettered for Era III.

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Trix Club Anniversary Car for Trix Express
Trix Club Anniversary Car for Trix Express

Most Important Facts

Article No. 33966
Gauge / Design type Express /
Kind Freight Cars
For Clubmembers only.
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  • Product description

    Model: Both cars have rail cleaning equipment mounted on them. Each car has a vertically movable metal block with cleaning surfaces made of polishing felt installed parallel to one another. The cleaning surfaces can be removed and washed. The hinged hatches on the cars can be opened. The cars have close couplers with a guide mechanism. The two car cars connected by a plug-in coupling.
    Length over the buffers 15.3 cm / 6".

    This protective cleaning process can also be used for nickel silver or brass rails.

    The 33966 track cleaning car is being produced exclusively for members with 10 years membership in the Trix Club.

    E700580 Trix DC wheel set. E700150 Märklin AC wheel set.

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