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Kit for the "Mannheim" Electric Locomotive Sheds

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Kit for the "Mannheim" Electric Locomotive Sheds
Kit for the "Mannheim" Electric Locomotive Sheds

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Article No. 66318
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  • Superstructure arrangement can be altered.
  • Modern shelter for electric locomotives.
  • Goes with the 66540 transfer table.
  • Product description

    "Mannheim" Electric Locomotive Sheds. This is a 3-stall electric locomotive shed, which can be arranged with the stalls next to one another or behind each other. Three of this kit are required to build the "Mannheim" Electric Locomotive Sheds to scale (2 kits next to each other and 1 kit for the extension). In addition, 2 of the 66319 kit "Workshops Annex" are used for a prototypical structure. Since the "Mannheim" Electric Locomotive Sheds have doors at both ends in the prototype, this kit can be built either with a back wall or with doors at the rear. The kit has doors that can opened manually as double wing doors. The center-to-center track spacing matches that for the 66540 transfer table.
    This kit consists of laser-cut, colored architectural hard cardstock. It has the finest laser-engraved details. Extensive instructions for building the kit are included.
    Dimensions for a 3-stall electric locomotive shed: 314 x 102 mm / 12-3/8" x 4".

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