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"Huntsche" Large Coaling Station

Prototype: "Huntsche" large coaling station based on the prototype in Saarbrücken. Almost identical coaling stations of this type also existed in Munich and Vienna.

"Huntsche" Large Coaling Station
"Huntsche" Large Coaling Station

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Article No.66325
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  • Can be used from Era I forward.
  • Detailed construction.
  • Impressive attention getter on any layout.
  • N track sections included.
  • Product description

    Model: This is a kit for an advanced model of the "Huntschen" large coaling station in Saarbrücken made of laser-cut architectural quality cardstock with all of the building parts ready for assembly as a finished model. The parts for the steel construction, the railings, the handrails, and the walkways are precision laser cut from special architectural quality cardstock. All of the parts already have a realistic basic paint scheme, but they can be painted and weathered further with no problem.
    Dimensions of the finished model approximately: Length 285 mm / 11-1/4", Width 124 mm / 4-7/8", Height 87 mm / 3-7/16".

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