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Transfer Table

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Transfer Table
Transfer Table

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Article No. 66540
Gauge / Design type Minitrix /
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  • Product description

    The transfer table is made for inset installation. The base plate has 2 entrance tracks and 6 storage tracks. The track connections are for Minitrix track. The deck has a motorized drive in the engine shed for forward and reverse running. The transfer table has a new controller for remote controlled operation.

    External Dimensions: 220 x 300 mm / 8-21/32" x 11-13/16".
    Base Plate Cutout: 205 x 285 mm / 8-1/16".
    Maximum Installation Depth: 36 mm / 1-13/32".

    The transfer table can also be controlled from an m 84 decoder by means of Märklin Digital. The connections for the transfer table are described in the instructions for it.

    The transfer table goes with the 66318 locomotive shed.

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