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Lok Control 2000

Lok Control 2000
Lok Control 2000

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Article No. 66816
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  • Product description

    In conjunction with the Central Control as locomotive and accessory controller, the Lok Control 2000 (Locomotive Control 2000) allows the
    system to be expanded to 100 locomotive and function addresses. During locomotive operation, the locomotive
    address, variance values for speed, headlight status and direction are indicated in the 2-cell liquid crystal display, which can be lighted. When a turnout is activated, the decoder number and the turnout setting are shown by means of a
    feedback detection feature. Braking, acceleration (mass simulation), max. speed, and motor impulse behavior can be programmed with the Lok Control 2000. Four locomotives can be run in doubleheading. This component has a 10 button key pad for entering addresses and for programming locomotive
    and turnout decoders, a mode button for menu listing and for changing between locomotive and turnout modules, and a stop
    button for all operations. This component also has a real time clock that can be changed to a
    model railroad clock with a variable time factor. The menu can be listed in German or English. Can be connected to the Sx Bus.

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