Decoder | Gauge Trix H0 - Article No. 66839

1600 Milliamp Decoder for 21-Pin Connector.

1600 Milliamp Decoder for 21-Pin Connector.
1600 Milliamp Decoder for 21-Pin Connector.

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Article No. 66839
Gauge / Design type Trix H0 /
Kind Decoder
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  • Product description

    Receiver for all Trix H0 direct current locomotives with a 21-pin connector and a power consumption of up to 1,600 milliamps (motor 1,100 milliamps; auxiliary functions - 150 milliamps each). This electronic circuit has a total of 4 controllable functions. The "function" output is intended for headlights / marker lights. The auxiliary functions can be controlled with the Mobile Station or a DCC main controller.
    • Can be used universally in Selectrix and DCC formats.
    • Automatic system and analog recognition.
    • Same locomotive address in Selectrix and DCC operation.
    • 7 adjustable maximum speeds.
    • 4 adjustable motor impulse variations.
    • Automatic load compensation.
    • Connections for a light function.
    • Connections for an auxiliary function.
    • Short circuit protection for the motor outputs.
    • Overload protection for the light outputs.
    • Overload protection for the auxiliary function outputs.
    • Programming of additional settings by means of selection of the address "00", example: finer gradation of steps for pulse widths (monitoring variation), direction reversing.
    In Selectrix Operation:
    • 31 speed levels.
    • 111 addresses.
    • Block operation with simple diodes (1 or 2 stopping areas).
    • Braking operation with a braking diode.
    In DCC Operation:
    • Manual speed level selection 14 / 28 levels.
    • Automatic switching to 128 speed levels.
    • Addresses can be either 7 or 14 bits.
    • Braking operation with direct current and "broadcast-mode" brake generators.

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