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Mobile Station.

Mobile Station.
Mobile Station.

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Article No. 66920
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  • New development.
  • Simple, convenient operation.
  • For locomotives with DCC and Selectrix decoders.
  • Up to 40 locomotives can be accessed directly.
  • Innovative operating concept with descriptive names for locomotives.
  • Graphic display with self-explanatory pictograms.
  • Up to 9 controllable auxiliary functions.
  • Simple cable (plug & play) connection to the connector box.
  • Integrated writable locomotive database.
  • Product description

    The Mobile Station from Trix controls digital locomotives with direct access by means of the green control knob; the decoders in the locomotives can be DCC or Selectrix decoders. Up to eight auxiliary functions can be activated in each digital locomotive in addition to the headlights / marker lights; the buttons to do this are located directly next to the easy-to-read display screen.

    The Mobile Station can be set for pure DCC operation, which allows you to choose from up to 9,999 locomotive addresses by means of the numerical address selection. Or, you can select mixed DCC / Selectrix operation. Here you can control up to 100 Selectrix and 16 DCC locomotives, whereby the DCC locomotives have already been selected from the 9,999 addresses.

    For train operations, the locomotives can be selected from a database, to which you have written each locomotive individually, or they can be selected with the customary digital address, as was the case in the past. The display of the addresses for locomotives from the database can be replaced by easily recognized designations with up to 8 characters; instead of "03" for example, "E 10 blue", "BIG BOY" or "ICE 3". The database has memory storage for up to 20 names. Easily recognized symbols can be assigned to the auxiliary functions for these locomotives. Of course, you can continue to call up all other locomotives with their numerical addresses along with their auxiliary functions.

    The memory storage for locomotives in operations allows you to have up to 16 locomotives in the DCC format active at the same time as 100 locomotives in the Selectrix format. Locomotives standing still with their headlights / marker lights on also count as active locomotives.

    Newly purchased digital locomotives can be placed into operation very easily: With the locomotive set on the programming track, the Mobile Station registers relevant decoder information and then shows the locomotive on the display screen. In addition, it also shows whether you have a DCC locomotive with a short or a long address, or a locomotive with a Selectrix 1 or Selectrix 2 address. The locomotive can then be taken directly into the Mobile Station's locomotive list by pressing the control knob.

    The power output at the track is 1.9 amps, which means up to 4 H0 locomotives can be run at the same time; in N Gauge you can run a couple more, of course. The connecting cable is permanently attached to the Mobile Station and has a special plug at the other end for connections to the special Trix Systems connector box.
    The Mobile Station's dimensions are 165 x 69 x 35 mm / 6-1/2" x 2-11/16" x 1-3/8".

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