Article No. 72710

Control Box with a Feedback Function

Control Box with a Feedback Function
Control Box with a Feedback Function

Most Important Facts

Article No. 72710
Kind Controlling Accessories
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  • All of the connections on this control box have the new plugs and sockets.
  • Plugs to work with this control box are included.
  • This control box works in the same manner as the 7271 control box.
  • Product description

    This control box is for operating 4 double solenoid accessories with end shutoff contacts. It has an automatic feedback of the accessory setting by means of LEDs when used with the 75491 turnout mechanism (K) or the 74491 turnout mechanism (C) as well as the Minitrix 14934 and 14935 turnout mechanism. The control box comes with 8 sockets on the back and 2 sockets on the ends. All of the connections are for the new plugs from the 71400 sets. 8 appropriate plugs included.
    Dimensions 80 x 40 mm / 3-1/8" x 1-9/16"

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