The Track for Building and Playing

  •  Click and Play: Reliable, indestructible plug-in connection
  •  Perfect in form and appearance: roadbed, ties, rail fasteners
  •  Code 83: The rail profile is 2.1 mm / 0.083" high
  •  Universal: For locomotives / cars with NEM and RP 25 wheels
  •  Open view: Prototypical air space between the rails and the roadbed
  •  Geometry: Track configurations without large numbers of adjustment sections
  •  Modular: The roadbed always fits - without the need to alter it
  •  Under the roadbed: Protected plug-in contacts instead of easily damaged rail joiners.
  •  Ingenious turnout geometry: Can be installed in any position
  •  Adjustment: Minimum number of adjustment track combinations required
  •  Grid: Length of turnout combinations is 360 mm / 14-3/16"
  •  Running against a turnout setting is allowed: Spring-loaded metal switch rails
  •  Hands off: Can be retrofitted with electric mechanism
  •  Display: LED turnout lanterns can be retrofitted
  •  Contact: Metal frog can be polarized
  •  Digital technology: turnout decoder can be retrofitted
  •  International: RP 25 equipment in development
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