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Art. No. Description (class in the prototype) Downloads
66146 Kit for a Angled Town House from the Wilhelminian Period (Bausatz Stadt-Winkelhaus Hamburg) Manual
66147 Kit for a Town House from the Wilhelminian Period. (Bausatz Stadthaus Hamburg) Manual
66148 Kit for a Movie Theater (Bausatz Kino) Manual
66300 Kit for a Station Platform (Bausatz Bahnsteig) Manual
66301 Kit for 3 Modern Single-Family Dwellings (Bausatz 3 moderne Einfamilienhäuser) Manual
66303 Kit for "Herbertstrasse Hamburg" (Bausatz "Herbertstraße Hamburg") Manual
66304 Kit for French Town Houses (Bausatz "Französische Stadthäuser") Manual
66309 Building Kit for a Large Corner City Building in Art Nouveau (Bausatz Stadthaus im Jugendstil) Manual
66314 Kit for the Zollverein Mine Coking Plant, Part 2 (Bausatz Zeche Zollverein Kokerei Teil 2) Manual
66315 Building Kit for a Branch Line Maintenance Facility (Bausatz Nebenbahn-Betriebswerk)
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