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Art. No.Description (class in the prototype)Downloads
23465Bi-Level Car. (Doppelstockwagen, DB)SparepartslistManual
23490Entertainment Car (Gesellschaftswagen WGmh 824 (DB))SparepartslistManual
23540Car Set with a Type 100 Crane Car and a Type 817 Boom Tender Car (Kranwagen Bauart 100 "Goliath" (DB AG))SparepartslistManual
24021Freight Car Set. (Rlmmps 650)SparepartslistManual
24050Track Cleaning Car (K 15, DB)SparepartslistManual
24055Torpedo Ladle Car. (Torpedopfannenwagen)Manual
24056Heavy Duty Freight Car (Thermohaube)SparepartslistManual
24090 (Schienenreinigungswagen)SparepartslistManual
24124Type Res Low Side Car. (Niederbordwagen Bauart Res)Sparepartslist
24125"Klima" 845 Snowplow (Klima-Schneepflug 845)SparepartslistManual
24126Henschel Design Steam Powered Rotary Snowplow (Dampfschneeschleuder der Bauart Henschel (DR))SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
24220Track Cleaning Car for H0 Gauge (Schienenreinigungswagen)SparepartslistManual
24246KLV Flat Car Set (KLV-Tragwagen Sgns 121)SparepartslistManual
24247Type Sgnss KLV Transport Car Set (KLV-Tragwagen-Set Sgnss)SparepartslistManual
24320Rotary Snow Plow as a Working Model. (Schneeschleuder Henschel DRG)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
24330Flat Car Set for Containers. (Containertragwagen Lgjs 599)SparepartslistManual
24338Heavy Duty Flat Car. (Tragschnabelwagen Uai 838 DB AG)SparepartslistManual
24357Flat Car Set. (Bauart Sgs 693 DB)SparepartslistManual
24366Set with 4 High Side Gondolas. (4 Hochbordwagen mit Ladegut)SparepartslistInformation
24410Heavy Duty Flat Car with Coils. (Bauart Sahmms 709, DB AG)SparepartslistManual