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1116 MWB + Snps SBB

Wood Transport Train.

Article No. 11612
Gauge Minitrix

Steam Locomotive with a Tender.

Article No. 12310
Gauge Minitrix
Uai 839

"Schnabel" Transport Car.

Article No. 15226
Gauge Minitrix
C 4ü-28, AB 4ü-28, WR 4ü-29, C 4ü-28

Set with 4 Express Train Passenger Cars.

Article No. 15710
Gauge Minitrix

Set with 2 Bi-Level Cars.

Article No. 15852
Gauge Minitrix
ER 20 DB ("alex")

Commuter Train.

Article No. 21335
Gauge Trix H0
D-727 RAG

Tank Locomotive.

Article No. 22216
Gauge Trix H0
Serie Ae 8(14 (SBB)

Double Electric Locomotive.

Article No. 22362
Gauge Trix H0
Serie Be 6/8III (SBB)

Electric Locomotive.

Article No. 22363
Gauge Trix H0
Serie De 6/6 (SBB CFF FFS)

Electric Locomotive.

Article No. 22536
Gauge Trix H0
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