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Class E 17 Electric Locomotive

Article No. 22496
Gauge Trix H0
BR 53.0, DR

Article No. 22531
Gauge Trix H0
BR 5525-56 (DB)

Steam Freight Locomotive

Article No. 22532
Gauge Trix H0
Serie De 6/6 (SBB CFF FFS)

Electric Locomotive.

Article No. 22536
Gauge Trix H0
Reihe 460 (FS)

Article No. 22546
Gauge Trix H0

Class 74 Steam Locomotive

Article No. 22550
Gauge Trix H0
E-Lok E69 DB

Electric Locomotive

Article No. 22551
Gauge Trix H0

Article No. 22560
Gauge Trix H0