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2 x Bvcmz 248 DB AG

"DB NachtZug / DB NightTrain" - Set 2 with 2 Cars.

Article No. 15854
Gauge Minitrix
DBz 750.3 DABpbzfa 764 DB AG

Bi-Level Car Set.

Article No. 15864
Gauge Minitrix

Bi-Level Car Set.

Article No. 15865
Gauge Minitrix

Express Train Passenger Car Set.

Article No. 15872
Gauge Minitrix
ABnrzb 704, Bnb 719, Bnb 719

"Rotlinge" Car Set.

Article No. 15881
Gauge Minitrix

Entertainment Car

Article No. 15897
Gauge Minitrix

Type Bimz 2423 Express Train Passenger Car

Article No. 15899
Gauge Minitrix
Article in stock. 56,99 € RRP, incl. Tax

Article No. 15901
Gauge Minitrix
EC Am 1. Klasse SBB

EuroCity Open Seating Car.

Article No. 15905
Gauge Minitrix