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Uapps SNCF

Set mit 3 Covered Hopper Cars.

Article No. 24546
Gauge Trix H0
Falns PKP

Hopper Car Set.

Article No. 24547
Gauge Trix H0

Type Hbbins High-Capacity Sliding Wall Boxcar

Article No. 24554
Gauge Trix H0
Article in stock. 56,99 € RRP, incl. Tax

S-Bahn Powered Rail Car Train. Dummy.

Article No. 24621
Gauge Trix H0

Torpedo Ladle Car.

Article No. 24910
Gauge Trix H0

Class 1700 Electric Locomotive

Article No. 25160
Gauge Trix H0
Article not yet in stock. 399,00 € RRP, incl. Tax

Steam Locomotive, Road Number E 991

Article No. 25491
Gauge Trix H0
production sold out
Check with your local dealer
629,00 € RRP, incl. Tax

Class T44 Heavy Diesel Locomotive

Article No. 25945
Gauge Trix H0
Article in stock. 399,00 € RRP, incl. Tax

"Inter-City" Passenger Car Set

Article No. 31141
Gauge Trix H0
BR 111 DB AG

Article No. 32244
Gauge Express