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Hbbillns FS

Sliding Wall Boxcar.

Article No. 24508
Gauge Trix H0
2 x Ks FS

Set with 2 "Carabinieri" Low Side Cars.

Article No. 24513
Gauge Trix H0

Set with 3 High Side Gondolas.

Article No. 24515
Gauge Trix H0
Taschenwagen SNCF.

Deep Well Flat Car with a Semi-Trailer.

Article No. 24517
Gauge Trix H0
Taschenwagen SNCF

Deep Well Flat Car with Tank Containers.

Article No. 24519
Gauge Trix H0

Flat Car with Steel Walls.

Article No. 24521
Gauge Trix H0
Tds FS

Set with 3 Dump Cars with Hinged Roofs.

Article No. 24523
Gauge Trix H0
Res FS

Flat Car with Steel Side Walls.

Article No. 24524
Gauge Trix H0
Rgs FS

Flat Car with Turn-Down Stakes.

Article No. 24525
Gauge Trix H0