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"Freight Train" Digital Starter Set

Article No. 11157
Gauge Minitrix
Article not yet in stock. 269,00 € RRP, incl. Tax
Article not yet in stock. 279,00 € RRP, incl. Tax
Re 460 SBB + Personenwagen

"Kambly" Train Set.

Article No. 11304
Gauge Minitrix
BR 246 "metronom"

"metronom" Regional Express Train.

Article No. 11616
Gauge Minitrix
Reihe 1116, ÖBB

"Wiesel" Regional Fast Train.

Article No. 11618
Gauge Minitrix
BR 1116, ÖBB

"City Airport Train" Express Commuter Train.

Article No. 11622
Gauge Minitrix
BR 182 016-6

"Dresden (VVO) S-Bahn" Train Set

Article No. 11630
Gauge Minitrix
BR 185.6, Lokomotion-Ges.

Electric Locomotive.

Article No. 12102
Gauge Minitrix