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Baureihe 146.2, DB AG, 2x Bn

"Regional Express" Digital Starter Set

Article No. 11140
Gauge Minitrix
Serie Ae 610, SBB Cargo

"Freight Train" Digital Starter Set

Article No. 11141
Gauge Minitrix

"Freight Transport" Train Set

Article No. 11631
Gauge Minitrix

"Moselle Valley Railroad" Fast Train Set

Article No. 11635
Gauge Minitrix

"Hopper Car" Freight Car Set

Article No. 15098
Gauge Minitrix

"Regional Express" Passenger Car Set

Article No. 15306
Gauge Minitrix

Type DABpza 785.1 Bi-Level Car

Article No. 15412
Gauge Minitrix
Article in stock. 95,99 € RRP, incl. Tax

"ICL" Express Train Passenger Car Set

Article No. 15547
Gauge Minitrix
Glmhs 36 "Leipzig"

Minitrix Museum Car for 2017

Article No. 15567
Gauge Minitrix