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Sliding Wall Boxcar Set

Article No. 15544
Gauge Minitrix
SVT 137

Express Diesel Powered Rail Car

Article No. 16372
Gauge Minitrix
Baureihe P8 (BR 38)

Steam Locomotive with a Tender

Article No. 16381
Gauge Minitrix

Electric Locomotive

Article No. 16893
Gauge Minitrix
Gattung S 2/6

Steam Express Locomotive with a Tender

Article No. 22065
Gauge Trix H0
BR 74, DB

Tank Locomotive

Article No. 22257
Gauge Trix H0
BR 403, Lufthansa Airport Express

Electric Express Powered Rail Car

Article No. 22379
Gauge Trix H0
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EP 3/6, K.Bay.Sts.B.

Electric Locomotive

Article No. 22609
Gauge Trix H0
BR 50

Steam Freight Locomotive with a Cabin Tender

Article No. 22785
Gauge Trix H0
ABü, Cü, Pü, K.Bay.Sts.B.

Passenger Car Set

Article No. 24609
Gauge Trix H0