The Trix C Track Connection

An ingeniously simple connection:

Since the new Trix C Track with the »Click« connection system has been unpacked, set up, and operated, the question keeps coming up among many DC operators, how the connection can be made to the Roco* Line and Fleischmann** Profi Track. The following shows how to do this: The ingeniously simple connection.


C Track

The contact springs on the Trix C Track are removed with the help of a small pair of diagonal cutting pliers or flat nose pliers.


Cut away all protruding parts on the Trix C Track connection points and the fasteners on the first tie. A small carpet knife (in the USA an Xacto knife or similar) is the best thing to use for this.


Altered Trix C Track: Protruding plastic parts as well as fasteners on the first tie are removed.


Raise the rail as little as possible and slide a razor blade (a small carpet knife or in the USA an Xacto™ knife or similar) so that the seat under the rail is removed.

1 Trix C Track   2 Roco* Line Track   3 Fleischmann** Profi Track   4 Roco* Line Track on roadbed

* Roco and Roco Line are registered trademarks of Roco Modellspielwaren GmbH, A-5400 Hallein, Austria
** Fleischmann and Fleischmann Profi Track are registered trademarks of Gebr. Fleischmann GmbH und Co. KG, D-90259 Nürnberg, Germany