4 reasons for Trix H0

Trix H0 models are scaled-down reproductions of interesting and often special prototype vehicles. An excellent balance of detailing and robustness makes the small vehicles suitable for the display case as well as for the layout. Trix models are completely assembled ex works and can be used on the model railway "plug and play" right after unpacking. The model interpretation is consistently on a high level.

Look & Feel

The outstanding attractiveness of a Trix H0 model lies in its unique combination of materials. Large parts of the vehicle body are made of metal in high quality. This gives the models weight and makes them tangible in the literal sense. The colouring, painting and printing of models from Märklin are praised again and again for their faithfulness to the prototype, quality and precision. Even the smallest address is legible. Every single Trix H0 model also benefits from this high-quality implementation.


Inside, modern technology ensures a lot of fun when using the models. Trix H0 locomotives always have a decoder on board. Precise gears and high-quality motors in interaction with the electronics ensure balanced driving characteristics, which are indispensable in layout use. The sound of the current models is taken from the respective prototype and has been suitably prepared for the small replicas. Prototypical light and sound functions make the use of a Trix H0 model an experience.


Trix H0 models are not lonely stars. They are part of a complete range of technology-related model railway components from Märklin. The Trix C track, which is perfect for occasional model railroading on carpet or parquet as well as very well suited for high-quality stationary layout construction, deserves special mention. The range also includes a complete prototypical overhead line system, delicate functional models of shaped and light signals as well as replicas of street and platform lights.


The comprehensive digital system "märklin digital" has special significance for the fun of playing, with which all tasks in the control of a model railway layout can be perfectly solved in the so-called two-wire as well as in the three-wire system. Trix vehicles integrate seamlessly into "märklin digital" with their mfx registration, but can also be operated without restriction on all layouts with analogue or DCC control technology.

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