The most important features

Prototypical Detailing

C Track is a complete track with plastic roadbed and solid rails made of nickel silver. The cross section of the rails is only 2.1 mm / 0.083" and is the same as Code 83. It can be used equally well for locomotives and cars with NEM and RP 25 DC wheel sets. The air space between the rail web and the roadbed, the fine detailing, and the low cross section of the rails without rail joiners provides an excellent appearance that will also win over demanding advanced model railroaders.

Setup and Takedown Easy as Child's Play

The C Track system is sturdy and able to take rough treatment. The mechanical and electrical connection technology is hidden in the roadbed. Sturdy mechanical click connectors protect the electrical connections. They are doubled in construction and they provide reliable, minimal loss contact. C Track can be plugged together easily and taken apart equally fast. Regardless of whether it is a temporary setup, a play layout for children, or a large layout for an advanced model railroader – Trix C Track is the ideal path for all situations.


All Installations in the Roadbed

In addition to the connection technology, holders and installation points are built into the roadbed for wire, mechanisms, and other system components. Each section of track has contact tongues at both ends for the connection of feeder wires and control components. 


Expanding Step by Step

Turnouts come from the factory with manual mechanisms. An electric turnout mechanism can be clipped into place in the roadbed. Turnout lanterns can also be installed. Turnout decoders are in development. In this way, you can expand your layout in steps.

Dependable and Here for the Future

With these characteristics, Trix C Track is suitable for a setup spontaneously on the carpet as well as for demanding layout construction. Its functional qualities make this track system reliable and flexible – the ideal basis for conventional and digital layouts. Further expansion, for example with wide radius turnouts and larger radius curves, is in development.