Re 460, SBB | Gauge Minitrix - Article No. 16761

Electric Locomotive

Prototype: Swiss Federal Railways (SBB/CFF/FFS) class Re 460 express locomotive. B-B wheel arrangement. Built starting in 1992. Use: Express trains and heavy freight trains on flat territories and mountain routes.

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Electric Locomotive
Electric Locomotive

Most Important Facts

Article No. 16761
Gauge / Design type Minitrix /
Era VI
Kind Electric Locomotives
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  • Technical variation.
  • Swiss headlight code.
  • Warm white LEDs for lighting.
  • Product description

    Model: The locomotive has a 14-pin digital connector and a motor with a flywheel. 4 axles powered. Traction tires. The locomotive has new LED headlights with the Swiss headlight code (can be turned off). Length over the buffers 115 mm / 4-1/2".

    Cars to go with this locomotive are item numbers 15083, 15084, 15085, 15086.

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