Gauge Trix H0 - Article No. 62130

Trix Curved H0 Track Radius 360 mm / 14-3/16", Curve 30°

Trix H0 track combines ruggedness, electrically reliable connections, and prototypical appearance. This H0 track system can be expanded as you like. The ideal track system for new beginners and advanced modelers.

Trix Curved H0 Track Radius 360 mm / 14-3/16", Curve 30°
Trix Curved H0 Track Radius 360 mm / 14-3/16", Curve 30°

Most Important Facts

Article No. 62130
Gauge / Design type Trix H0 /
Kind Railtracks
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  • Click and Play: Reliable, indestructible plug-in connection
  • Perfect in form and looks: Ballast roadbed, ties, hardware
  • Code 83: Rail profile 2.1 mm high
  • Universal: For locomotives and cars adhering to NEM
  • Perspective: Open rail base between the ties
  • Geometry: Track combinations without piecing things together
  • Modular: The roadbed always fits – without extra handling
  • Below-baseboard: Protected plug-in contacts instead of delicate rail joiners
  • Prototypical appearance
  • Electrical operating reliability
  • Fast setup and takedown with a sturdy click connection, even on carpets
  • Product description

    Trix curved H0 track with a radius of 360 mm / 14-3/16", curve 30°. The plug-in connection with the "Click". Set up and take down in a jiffy. Sturdy and long lasting.

    Trix C Track is the ideal track for fast setup of a track pattern on a table or on the floor. The low resistance click connection on the ends of the track has especially reliable contact and is especially conductive. The connections are designed to be mechanically very precise and display a high level of their own stability in track sections put together. The running and operating current for a model railroad can be fed to the layout everywhere. The feeder wires are connected to the track using spade connectors at the contact tongues present in each section of track. This results in flexibility for all kinds of model railroad track lines. A track system, which allows constantly new operating adventures on constantly new rail lines!

    If you already have a "two-rail" layout, you can benefit from Trix C Track: Use this elegant roadbed track for any expansion. You use the adapter track (62951) for the transitions in the existing area. It allows connections between Trix C Track and conventional Code 83 track.

    The low rail profile for Trix C Track is 2.07 mm high and thereby fulfills the standard for Code 83. All H0 locomotives and cars with wheel flanges designed for NEM will run here – and that is practically all new models offered in the last two decades for two-rail systems by various manufacturers! This track thereby contributes to the important compatibility of this area of H0.

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