Bausatz Bahnhof HH-Dammtor | Gauge Minitrix - Article No. 66140

Kit for the Dammtor Station.

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Kit for the Dammtor Station.
Kit for the Dammtor Station.

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Article No. 66140
Gauge / Design type Minitrix /
Era I-V
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  • Highly detailed kit.
  • Product description

    Building kit of a large metropolitan station with four through tracks. This laser-cut kit fits together exactly and has a scale length of 729 mm / 28-11/16". This is a challenging kit, and the required time to build it is about 50 hours. Detailed building instructions are included. This station can be used for any era.

    Area dimensions approximately 729 x 246 mm / 29" x 18". The rails for the tracks sit 40 mm / 1-9/16" above the baseboard for the building. Total height of the station is about 150 mm / 5-7/8". The station train shed has skylights to let in light and it spans four elevated tracks. The platform width is 40 mm / 1-9/16". The tracks can be extended outside the train shed with the 66141 and 2 each 66142 kits to correspond to the prototype up to the Lombard Bridge.
    Dimensions approximately 729 x 246 x 150 mm / 29" x 18" x 5-7/8".

    This building kit is being produced as part of the Trix theme "Gateway to the World".

    One each of the 66141 and two each of the 66142 kits can be used to extend the tracks almost true to the prototype up to the Lombard Bridge.

    One-time series.

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  • Prototype information

    The Hamburg-Dammtor Station was built between 1901 and 1903. Government Superintendent of Civil Engineering Schwartz and the architect Rüdell designed this totally symmetrical station. The light colored sandstone façades on the ground level, the delicate, immense glass surfaces with pillars clad in sandstone and the monumental center façade area resulted in a marvelous civil engineering project for the railroad. This solid 112 meter / 367 foot long Jugendstil building was Hamburg's presentation station at which such high guests as Kaiser Wilhelm II were received when he wanted to attend the Hamburg Trade Fair. When the Kaiser stepped off of his train here for the first time, he is supposed to have said, "Looks rather nice." Typical Prussian understatement meant as high praise. Special princely rooms on the ground floor had been set up for the reception of high royalty. The English King Edward VII was also received here in 1904. Based on a similar situation in Berlin, bi-level stations came into being through the city, when the four-track expansion of the connecting rail line was built. The waiting room area was at street level, while the platforms were situated above it. This did away with the need for grade crossings and crossing gates in the city. At the dedication on July 7, 1903, there was a simultaneous celebration of the closing of the old Dammtor Station and the opening of the new magnificent station shed. Today many Hamburgers and railroad enthusiasts regard this freshly renovated station now as ever as the Hamburg's secret main station. From the Kaiser's train to the classic F-Zug express with a V 200, to the elegant VT 11.5, from the legendary 103 with Intercity trains to the ICE, the prototype of our station has seen it all, the classics of the rails. It therefore also offers a worthy stage for the appearance of the classic stars of every model railroad collection. Despite its imposing size, this station is just right for a model railroad, since no additional space next to the tracks is required for the head house with its waiting rooms.


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