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Art. No.Description (class in the prototype)Downloads
21194Train Set with the Class ET 194 Freight Powered Rail Car (Zugpackung mit Güter-Triebwagen ET 194)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
21216 (T5 K.W.St.E.)Manual
21221 (PtL 2/2)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
21236Historic "Adler" Passenger Train. (Museumszug, DB AG)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
21237Heavy Freight Train. (BR 44, DB)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
21238"Bavaria" TEE Express Train. (TEE-Zug "Bavaria", SBB)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
21243"Hogwarts ExpressTM" (HarryPotter)SparepartslistManual
21245Henschel-Wegmann" Train Set. (BR 61 DRG)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
21246Train Set. (BR 146.1 "metronom")SparepartslistOrder spare parts
21248Palatine Railroad Freight Train. (Reihe D XII (K.Bay.Sts.B.))SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
21249Prussian Transfer Freight Train. (T2 (KPEV))SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
21254Train Set (BR 69)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
21332"Leonhard Weiss" Construction Train. (Köf II (L.Weiss))SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
21333SBB Commuter Train. (Serie Re 4/4 II SBB)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
21334Cement Train with a Museum Locomotive. (Köf II VL 0604 WLE)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
21335Commuter Train. (ER 20 DB ("alex"))SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
21336"Bamberg" Commuter Train: Diesel Locomotive with 3 Passenger Cars. (BR 280 + Personenwagen)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
21337"Karlsruhe Train" S-Bahn Prototype. (BR 141 DB "Karlsruher Zug")SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
21340Train Set. (Köf III, DB)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
21344"800 Years of Rostock" Train Set (BR 89.80)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts