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Express Train Passenger Car.

Article No. 15918
Gauge Minitrix
Bmpz-di CAT / ÖBB

Bi-Level Car.

Article No. 15920
Gauge Minitrix

Type Dd 498.2 Bicycle Transport Car

Article No. 15981
Gauge Minitrix

Type UIC Y Express Train Passenger Car

Article No. 15989
Gauge Minitrix

"Wood Chips Transport" Freight Car Set

Article No. 15994
Gauge Minitrix

Class 120 Electric Locomotive

Article No. 16025
Gauge Minitrix

MaK Type DE 1002 Diesel Locomotive

Article No. 16061
Gauge Minitrix

Class 101 Electric Locomotive

Article No. 16084
Gauge Minitrix

Class 110.3 Electric Locomotive

Article No. 16108
Gauge Minitrix

Class 111 Electric Locomotive

Article No. 16114
Gauge Minitrix