Class 185.2 Electric Locomotive

Art.No.: 25367

Locomotives in bright traffic red are beautiful to look at, no question. But colourful, well-designed machines are even more beautiful and attract attention. There are now many of them on the rails of Europe. But none of them looks at their curious onlookers with such wide eyes. This is a class 185.2 locomotive. 185 367 to be precise. It was presented at the DB Museum Nuremberg on 20 September 2019.

No matter how well you drive - Günni drives goods!

This unique rail vehicle bears the name "Günni Güterzug". And since it has been travelling in front of goods trains in Germany and Austria, it has been attracting the photo community to the rail lines. The locomotive from the TRAXX family has become the mascot of DB Cargo. But who actually is "Günni"? To begin with, he is one of a total of seven characters in the "Little ICE" family and thus a play figure. He is in the best of company, because in addition to "Robbi Regio", "Ida IC" and "Opa Adler", to name but a few, "Günni Güterzug" can be purchased on board ICEs and IC trains.


Trix H0 Günni

Since his extremely colourful design was so well received, the idea soon matured to bring "Günni" to life, so to speak, on a real freight locomotive, and it is now in use, appropriately designed. In September 2019, 185 367 was transformed step by step from a completely normal train horse of the Deutsche Güterbahn into the colourful "Günni". And he has an idiosyncratic motto: "No matter how well you drive - Günni drives goods!" This slogan is written on the locomotive body of the 5600 kW machine. What else do we know about "Günni"? He prefers to roll through the country with a long line of colourful container wagons. Fortunately, the Trix programme offers him a large selection for this. Here you will find many great models for Era VI, from container wagons to tank wagons.

The class 185.2 electric locomotive belongs to Deutsche Bahn AG and has the locomotive road number 185 367-0. Since September 2019, it has been on the road in an eye-catching advertising design as the "Günni goods train". The locomotive has an mfx digital decoder and extensive sound functions. All four axles are driven via cardan and have traction tyres. The direction-dependent three-light headlights and the two red tail lights can be switched conventionally or digitally.

Gauge Trix H0 Era VI Locomotives


  • Attractive design as the Günni Freight Train
  • Frame and body constructed of metal
  • RailCom-capable decoder included with extensive operation and sound functions
  • Separately applied grab irons on the ends of the locomotive

UVP: 299,00 EUR

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Order Deadline:May 31, 2023

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