Steam Locomotive, Road Number 18 323

Art.No.: 25323

It was a real icon on DB track well into the late Sixties: The mighty express steam locomotive, road number 18 323, has what it takes to become a star as the perfectly designed model in the Trix H0 program. It was in use until 1969 as an extremely powerful and fast unit all over West Germany under the management of the German Federal Railroad Central Bureau. The new Trix model is thereby a real highlight in any collection and on any layout set in the significant DB Era III. Its appearance in the midst of the ultramodern diesel and electric locomotives and the widely spread standard design steam locomotives at that time will attract a great deal of attention as in the real life prototype. With unusual stories linked with this German locomotive icon. Still two of these good Maffei units have been preserved: Road numbers 18 323 and 18 316 harken back in Offenburg and Mannheim to this Baden-Bavarian tour de force in German locomotive construction.

The Most Beautiful One among the Beauties

This completely new piece of tooling has a variety of separately applied details in addition to the intricate cable routing. As with the prototype, the driving wheels the height of a man dominate the entire look of the locomotive. Of course, this model also includes cab lighting, running gear lights, as well as firebox flickering. Closely mounted entry steps for installation below the cab are included for swapping when using the locomotive on large radius curves. The walkover plate between the cab and the front of the tender can be folded.

Art.-No. 25323

Steam Locomotive, Road Number 18 323

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Gauge Trix H0 Era III Locomotives


  • Completely new tooling
  • Especially intricate metal construction
  • A variety of separately applied details
  • Buffer height on the locomotive and tender adheres to the NEM
  • Factory-installed smoke unit and dynamic smoke exhaust that varies with the locomotive speed can be controlled digitally, included
  • Cab lighting, running gear lights, and firebox flickering can be controlled separately in digital operation
  • RailCom capable DCC/mfx decoder and extensive operation and sound functions included
  • Folding walkover plate between the cab and the front of the tender

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